Corporate Advisory Services of Frank Owens Limited Advisory Services Tokyo Japan

Frank Owens Limited provides a broad range of professional financial advice to entrepreneurs and business managers with respect to the most appropriate steps in acquisition, disposition and funds sourcing, based on the present market conditions.

The reliable advisory services provided by Frank Owens Limited assure our clients with complete strategic planning and an excellent research to develop and present the proposal in the most effective way, whether it is a business sale, capital financing or merger or acquisition.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers & Acquisitions

Frank Owens Limited has the expertise and experience to create and implement a merger or acquisition program.

Frank Owens Limited delivers customized search strategies to help our clients pinpoint and achieve viable acquisitions. The privacy of the client is assured and our first meeting and formalized partnership are based on the viability of our research.

Frank Owens Limited delivers reliable financial strategies on developing your company’s business or further acquisition of businesses. This service involves determining appropriate pricing, market studies, managing data analysis and conducting due diligence procedure to assure productivity.

Utilizing our vast network of huge market major players, Frank Owens Limited can improve appropriate equity funds and capital sources to implement the acquisition.

Business Sales

 Business Sales

A business trade is commonly considered the most important financial transaction a company will undertake. Thus, it is vital to obtain appropriate professional guidance to maximize efficiency, profit potential and agreement stipulations and requirements. Frank Owens Limited can expertly collate credentials and create sales transactions that significantly maximize positive results with the accompanying agreeable terms and conditions.

Through our involvement and quality service, we provide our clients the ability to focus on operating their business more efficiently. Frank Owens Limited’s objective is to increase the worth of a business venture, thereby allowing our clients to value our services long after the completion of the deal.

Frank Owens Limited undertakes significant amount of time investigating the market and establishing the appropriate strategy for prospective buyers. Our advisory team is ready to visit homes or offices in order to seek the best buyer possible.

Our purposeful role and our network of associates in the market assure our clients’ goals are uppermost in our mind and handled professionally and with utmost confidentiality.

Equity & Debt - Public Markets

Frank Owens Limited offers to clients IPOs, underwriting, secondary offerings and the management of Listed Company equity funds sourcing. This service includes the creation of supporting a capital sourcing and the industrial phase of an endorsement arrangement. Moreover, we closely collaborate with the legal and accounting experts of our clients.

Frank Owens Limited undertakes the overall implementation of an IPO or fund sourcing that requires independent advice on structure and pricing of the offer, coordinating application of the bid and conducting the due diligence stage. A vital task we handle involves the selection of a sponsoring stockbroker and/or broker to a bid of stocks. Frank Owens Limited directly links with the stockbroker and the client to assure that their specific objectives are achieved.

Frank Owens Limited provides recommendations on the crucial aspects of connections with possible stockholders, present shareholders and the collaborators in the investment services niche in general. Regular disclosure of standards is necessary as established in the Corporations Law. Most listed companies opt for the simple strategy to public awareness in relation to the company’s business. Frank Owens Limited advises its clients the calculated maximization of the firm’s asset worth, be it listed or not, by disseminating the information to the financial environment.